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How Digital Rights Management Works 

Written by Ricardo Álvarez, OpenKM USA staff member on 18 December 2020

Using a high-end content management software can enable enterprises to implement all the necessary digital rights management tools at any stage of document management. 


App for online verification of constructions drawing's version 

Written by Pedro Perez on 11 December 2020

Make sure you build with the latest drawing version and avoid delays and extra costs


How to Simplify Record Management in Schools 

Written by Jennifer Broflowski on 4 December 2020

Electronic document management is vital for simplifying record management in schools. Many of the professional developers who make this software provide excellent community engagement and customer service


What to Look for In a DMS  

Written by Guido Lara, OpenKM USA staff member on 27 November 2020

We want to give you our top tips for what to look for in a DMS to help you decide which system is best for your business


How GDPR could affect your company customer's data collection 

Written by Ricardo Álvarez, OpenKM USA staff member on 20 November 2020

Here are the main requirements all organizations need to take to comply with the GDPR


6 Benefits to Using Cloud Based Storage 

Written by Alex García, OpenKM USA staff member on 13 November 2020

You can easily manage digital content, simplify your workload, and yield high efficiency


Why Document Management System Is Essential In Every Firm 

Written by Claudia Jeff  on 6 November 2020

A document management system is valuable to save effort, time and money resources


Training in document management 

Written by Ana Canteli  on 30 October 2020

Training and development are essentials to enhance knowledge, increase staff skills and improve versatility, creativity and flexibility


Encryption and document management 

Written by Ana Canteli  on 23 October 2020

Good document management software prevents information manipulation, unauthorized personal data exploitation, and data loss due to negligence


Out with the old, in with the NEW- Why Cloud Software Will Help You Store ALL Of Your Documents 

Written by Ricardo Álvarez, OpenKM USA staff member on 16 October 2020

We are here so you can easily manage digital content, simplify your workload and yield high efficiency


How To Avoid Common Document Management Mistakes

Written by Beatrix Potter on 9 October 2020

This way you will ensure that your business and its growth continue to thrive


Your guide to tracking loan documents: On the go! 

Written by Guido Lara, OpenKM USA staff member on 25 September 2020

The best way to eliminate all issues in the loan processing system is to automate it



How to ensure HIPAA compliance with a Document Management System

Written by Ricardo Álvarez, OpenKM USA staff member on 18 September 2020

OpenKM is a powerful tool for healthcare providers that provides compliant document management with the law, including tools to help identify and investigate potential HIPAA violations



What Are the Distinct Advantages of a Document Management System? 

Written by Ashlie Lopez on 4 September 2020

Here are some key benefits that document management systems have that will surely make you understand why they are must-haves for you


Email signature with digital certificate 

Written by Ana Canteli  on 21 August 2020

Signing emails with a digital certificate give us a series of advantages aimed at protecting our communications


10 Tips for Web Content Management  

Written by Peter Minkoff on 14 August 2020

Use these tips to manage your web content successfully and efficiently


Incident management 

Written by Ana Canteli  on 17 July 2020

Providing your staff with an incident management system is essential to create a team that shares principles, objectives, and values


How to Use Document Management to Negotiate Your Best Contract 

Written by Charles Ambrose on 10 July 2020

Proper document management can work to improve your contract negotiations. An active DMS can support your team in making better offers that win acceptance


How does a DMS Software work for you? 

Written by Leonardo Nunez, OpenKM USA staff member on 3 July 2020

Document Management Systems are meant to improve your business by helping you get the most out of your physical assets and human resources



File Plan 

Written by Ana Canteli  on 19 June 2020

The File Plan is a powerful management tool that can provide functional, operational, and strategic advantages


5 Tips to Back Up Your Data and Keep It Safe

Written by Michael Gorman on 12 June 2020

There are different types of storage and you can take advantage of them to keep your personal and business data safe. Here are 5 tips



5 Tips for Indexing Files Across Your Enterprise 

Written by Alex García, OpenKM USA staff member on 5 June 2020

A reliable way to achieve your goal of switching to a paperless office is to plan and think about the big picture and break it down into smaller steps


5 Kinds of Businesses That Don't Know They Need Secure Document Management Software  

Written by Guido Lara, OpenKM USA staff member on 29 May 2020

Providing centralized workflow procedures and enforced compliance measures through a Document Management System, can be a step forward to enhance a company’s uprightness


Review of certified digitization 

Written by Gaspar Palmer on 22 May 2020

We reason why from OpenKM we denounce the uselessness of what is called certified digitization and therefore we reject its use due to cost and efficiency


Electronic Invoice   

Written by Ana Canteli  on 15 May 2020

OpenKM offers the technological platform to manage the entire billing cycle of an organization, regardless of the format

5 Tips for Improving Document Security in the Workplace 

Written by James Dorian on 8 May 2020

Make sure you make that difference! Your company’s reputation depends on it


5 Misconceptions about Document Management Softwares 

Written by Ben Rowner, OpenKM USA staff member on 30 April 2020

This guide aims to clear up some common misconceptions about document management and to show just how beneficial implement a document management software can be


How to ensure the distribution of documentation in a working group

Written by Carolina García on 24 April 2020

Only those document management systems that have a "Transmittals module" will allow us to solve this problem efficiently



How to improve Communication between companies 

Written by Luis Novoa on 17 April 2020

A management system that allows the exchange of electronic documents aims to streamline communication between customers and suppliers in a safer, faster, and cheaper way.


5 Tools to Effectively Manage Your Data 

Written by Daniela McVicker on 3 April 2020

Data helps to make better decisions.The tools on this list can help with doing exactly that and obtain that competitive edge needed to thrive in an ever-increasing competitive landscape


Top reasons to use a document management software 

Written by Mario Zules on 27 March 2020

Document management systems provide unparalleled control, speed and access for managing digital files


Teleworking and document management 

Written by Ana Canteli  on 20 March 2020

With OpenKM, the inconveniences of teleworking are eliminated or minimized, bringing all the benefits to both companies and employees


10 Best Content Management System CMS for Personalization 

Written by Cynthia Young  on 13 March 2020

One thing that can make a huge difference when managing the online presence of your brand is the type of Content Management System you choose


How to share and distribute content with an ecm 

Written by Ana Canteli  on 6 March 2020

Without a means to organize enterprise content accurately, the flow of information  can stagnate or even be the source of more serious problems


Barcode in document management 

Written by Ana Canteli  on 28 February 2020

The barcode module is one of the most notable features of the OpenKM document management software stem that helps the software automate the tedious processes of data incorporation


Case management 

Written by Ana Canteli  on 21 February 2020

With OpenKM, your organization can implement a case management system, appropriate to the context in which it operates


How to Choose the Right Document Management System for Your Business  

Written by Ashley Halsey  on 14 February 2020

Good document management software for content managing will benefit your business for many years to come, boosting efficiency in your working process and also boosting profits


What is a Document Management System, and what can you do with it? 

Written by Mario Zules on 31 January 2020

It’s hard to imagine a scenario where it’s not beneficial to simplify your workload, produce and manage your documents highly efficiently, not to mention the increased consistency of output


Ten Questions To Ask Your Document Management System Provider 

Written by Mario Zules on 24 January 2020

These ten questions to ask your document management system provider will help you determine whether they are the right people to work with and whether their DMS solutions are the best fit for your organization


10 Steps to Create a Document Management Plan 

Written by Kristin Savage on 17 January 2020

Exactly what you need when you want to build your business on a robust and solid foundation

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