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6 Benefits to Using Cloud Based Storage

Written by Alex García on 13 November 2020

It’s 2020, and technology is utilized EVERYWHERE! Today, cloud storage has become one of the most convenient and efficient methods to store data online. In cloud storage, the user, rather than saving the data locally or on a hard disk, keeps its data in the cloud server, accessed using internet service. Cloud-based storage services are helpful for several reasons. However, they are integral to having a successful business, and OpenKM offers a number of different services that will help your company grow and expand to the best of its abilities!

Here Are 6 Benefits to Using Cloud-Based Storage!

  1. 25 GB of FREE Storage. With the basic package and this much storage, you would be able to store many files without worrying about clogging up your computer or slowing down any external hard drives. For an additional cost, you can upgrade your storage so you can store even MORE files!
  2. Accessibility. The Cloud version includes up to 5 users; you can have more users for an additional cost. People can download and access the files in the cloud storage from all over the world and exchange large files without worrying about download speeds being incredibly slow or taking hours. Instead, they can download faster and more
  3. All of your documents are Security is a top priority when choosing a cloud service to secure all of your documents and files. It would be terrifying for your files to go missing or get into the hands or someone not authorized to view them; this is possible when they aren’t properly stored and backed up.
  4. Multiple people can access documents in the same system. When using a computer or external hard drive, it is immensely tedious and time consuming to share files with multiple people. It could take hours at a time for people to use the same database, which is not reliable. When using cloud storage, multiple users would be able to access the documents and files at However, only one user can edit each document at a time.
  5. It’s affordable. At OpenKM, one of the many perks to our system is paying for precisely what you use. Rather than being charged a flat rate or overcharged for services you’re not utilizing. It’s significantly cost-effective when trying to launch a startup or grow your
  6. It’s user friendly. Using cloud storage makes a cohesive and easy to navigate the system. It helps users avoid clutter and the confusion and disarray that comes from locating files and documents. Using cloud-based storage helps with organization and strengthens your time management by doing that grueling task of organizing your work for you!

At OpenKM, we are here so you can easily manage digital content, simplify your workload, and yield high efficiency. Please request a FREE demo today, or visit our website.

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