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From Paper to Digital: How OpenKM Facilitates the Management of Budgets and Delivery Notes 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 13 May 2024

In this article, we'll explore how OpenKM, an advanced document management platform, facilitates the transition from paper to digital, with a specific focus on budget and delivery note management



Operational Efficiency: An Example of Automating Document Management with OpenKM 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 6 May 2024

In this article, we will explore how implementing a document management system like OpenKM can offer effective solutions to these problems



Optimizing Document Management in Distribution Companies with Handwritten Remote Signature

Written by Gaspar Palmer, on 29 April 2024

Discover how you can transform your business with advanced document management and remote handwritten signature solutions



Maximize Document Efficiency with OpenKM's Electronic Signature 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 15 April 2024

In this article, we'll explore various use cases that exemplify how OpenKM's e-signature streamlines processes across different industries, from banking services to international transport companies



Optimizing franchise management with OpenKM 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 8 April 2024

Efficiency and security in business documentation



Developed document management IV 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 2 April 2024

From secure document exchange to digitally certified electronic signatures and effective document management orchestration, OpenKM provides comprehensive tools designed to meet the most demanding needs of modern organizations. In this post, we'll explore three of these key modules



Developed document management III 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 25 March 2024

In this third instalment of our series on OpenKM modules, we delve into three fundamental tools: the OpenKM Dev-Tools Module, the Email Archive Module, and the EDX - Electronic Document Exchange Module


Developed document management II 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 18 March 2024

In this second instalment, we will continue to explore key modules that offer innovative solutions in the field of document management



Developed document management I  

Written by Ana Canteli, on 11 March 2024

In this first instalment, we have explored the fundamentals of OpenKM and dove into its various modules. Don't miss the next instalments!



Unstructured data management 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 4 March 2024

With its KEA (Keyphrase Extraction Algorithm), multitude of text extractors, zonal OCR engine, and AI integration, OpenKM provides advanced capabilities to organize, analyse, and leverage unstructured data efficiently and effectively



Connect and Collaborate: OpenKM, Your Internal Customer Portal 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 26 February 2024

Today we're going to talk about OpenKM's ability to become an internal customer portal. The aim is to create a two-way platform for the exchange of documents



Optimizing PDF document management with OpenKM PDF Tools

Written by Ana Canteli, on 19 February 2024

OpenKM PDF Tools offers a powerful and efficient solution for PDF document management, allowing businesses and individuals to perform a variety of tasks with ease and accuracy


History, Strengths, and Global Presence of OpenKM in the Digital Age 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 9 February 2024

10 Years of the OpenKM Blog: Special Offer for Free OpenKM Academy Courses



Electronic Invoicing for SMEs and Freelancers 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 29 January 2024

OpenKM is the solution for the daily invoice management as this is essential to maintain accurate financial control, ensure transparency, comply with tax regulations & facilitate communication



Improve Service Quality Management with Artificial Intelligence Integration 

Written by Igor Grgur, OpenKM Serbia, on 19 January 2024

SQM and OpenKM give you the opportunity to shape the future of service quality. Discover how SQM and OpenKM can help your company unlock the full potential of AI and service improvement



OpenKM: Revolutionizing Business Efficiency Through Intelligent Document Management

Written by Ana Canteli, on 15 January 2024

Discover the power of efficient document management with OpenKM, simplify your processes, improve collaboration, and boost productivity


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