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Enhancing Data Privacy: Maximizing the Potential of OpenKM for Archiving Sensitive Information 

Written by Leonardo Nunez, OpenKM USA, on 22 December 2023

OpenKM's extensive suite of features makes it exceptionally fitted for securely archiving and managing sensitive data, especially content that involves privacy-related information


Why Choose OpenKM Over Other Document Management Systems? 

Written by Guido Lara, OpenKM Ecuador, on 18 December 2023

OpenKM provides the tools and capabilities to meet your document management needs, ensuring efficiency, security, and compliance in your document handling processes, whether a small startup or a large enterprise


Gaspar Palmer

Business Management Optimization: The Power of OpenKM's Complaints, Grievances and Requirements Module 

Written by Gaspar Palmer, on 13 December 2023

OpenKM provides an indispensable tool for businesses looking to thrive in a competitive market


Advanced Complaint and Claim Management: The New OpenKM Module 

Written by Guido Lara, OpenKM Ecuador, on 24 November 2023

Don't miss the opportunity to improve your feedback management and promote a more positive and productive work environment. Contact us today and take the first step towards more efficient and effective complaints and claims management


Electronic Trial Master File 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 17 November 2023

OpenKM emerges as a transformative solution for managing Electronic Trial Master Files in clinical research


Optimizing Document Management 

Written by Saul Hidalgo, OpenKM USA, on 13 November 2023

Exploring OpenKM Deployment Options - On-Premises, Cloud, and SaaS


Mario Zules

Document Management in the Digital Age - Why Do You Need OpenKM?

Written by Mario Zules, OpenKM USA, on 6 November 2023

This evolution has made document management more complex and, at the same time, more crucial than ever


Automate Your Workflows with OpenKM: Optimize Document Management 

Written by Guido Lara, OpenKM Ecuador, on 30 October 2023

OpenKM offers an effective way to automate your workflows and improve document management in your company


An Introduction to Document Management 

Written by Leonardo Nunez, OpenKM USA, on 24 October 2023

As you contemplate enhancing your document management processes, remember that OpenKM, with its versatility and robust features, might just be the answer you're seeking


Document Management and Standard Operating Procedures in the Pharmaceutical Sector 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 16 October 2023

OpenKM not only ensures quality and safety but also efficient control procedures, effective standard operating procedures, and good manufacturing practices documents, ultimately contributing to the environmental health and safety in the pharmaceutical sector.


OpenKM Developer Course 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 9 October 2023

A Course Tailored to Developers


Complaints software

Written by Ana Canteli, on 29 September 2023

The effective management of a Complaint channel is essential to ensure that complaints are dealt with correctly and that a culture of ethics and compliance is promoted in the organization. Here are the key steps to manage a Complaint channel effectively


What is OpenKM and Why You Need a Document Management System 

Written by Leonardo Nunez, OpenKM USA, on 22 September 2023

Whether you're running a startup or a well-established corporation, the need for a reliable Document Management System is universal


Reference Management Software  

Written by Ana Canteli, on 15 September 2023

Using OpenKM as a reference manager enables researchers, librarians, and students to build bibliographies more efficiently, access their information sources from anywhere, and collaborate on research projects effectively


OpenKM and LGPD Law Compliance: A Comprehensive Guide 

Written by Francisco Neto, OpenKM Brazil, on 11 September 2023

By leveraging OpenKM's capabilities, businesses can navigate the intricacies of the LGPD, ensuring data protection, mitigating risks, and fostering customer trust in an era where data privacy is of paramount importance


Remote handwritten signature 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 4 September 2023

The handwritten remote signature function into OpenKM can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization


Gaspar Palmer

Navigating GDPR Law Compliance with OpenKM: A Comprehensive Guide 

Written by Gaspar Palmer, on 25 August 2023

OpenKM emerges as a comprehensive Document Management System that streamlines data management and bolsters efforts toward GDPR compliance


OpenKM and HIPAA Law Compliance: A Comprehensive Guide for Secure Document Management 

Written by David Cruz, OpenKM USA, on 18 August 2023

OpenKM offers a comprehensive document management solution that aligns with HIPAA requirements, promoting data security, privacy, and accessibility


Streamlining Government Operations with OpenKM Record Management 

Written by Leonardo Nunez, OpenKM USA, on 11 August 2023

OpenKM Record Management presents a robust solution for government entities to streamline operations and enhance record management capabilities


Overcoming Employees' Resistance to Change in the Workplace for DMS software 

Written by Marwar Matar, OpenKM MENA Region, on 4 August 2023

Organizations need to acknowledge and address these fears and concerns when implementing changes. Open and transparent communication, providing support and training, and involving employees in the decision-making process can help alleviate these fears and increase acceptance of change in the workplace


Embracing Efficiency and Innovation: The Power of OpenKM's Workflow Engine 

Written by Guido Lara, OpenKM Ecuador, on 28 July 2023

Known for its powerful workflow engine, OpenKM supports the most intricate business rules and processes, simplifies complexities, and drives business growth


OpenKM and ISO 27001 Compliance: A Powerful Combination for Secure Document Management 

Written by Saul Hidalgo, OpenKM USA, on 21 July 2023

Implementing OpenKM and achieving ISO 27001 compliance should be a priority for any organization serious about protecting its valuable data assets in today's ever-evolving digital landscape


The Rise of OpenKM: Unleashing Information Management Potential in Brazil 

Written by Francisco Neto, OpenKM Brazil, on 14 July 2023

With its established presence and continued growth in Brazil, OpenKM is poised to remain a leading player in the Knowledge Management domain, further shaping the information management landscape in the region


Harnessing the Power of OpenKM: Document Management Revolution in the Arabic MENA Region 

Written by Marwar Matar OpenKM MENA Region, on 10 July 2023

The uptake of OpenKM in the Arabic MENA region is a testament to the system's robustness, adaptability, and relevance


The Rise of OpenKM in Mexico: Revolutionizing Document Management 

Written by Rogelio Sanchez, OpenKM Mexico, on 30 June 2023

Tools like OpenKM will only continue to grow in importance


Productivity software 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 23 June 2023

In a highly competitive business environment, productivity is critical for success



Turn Your Information into Knowledge with OpenKM 

Written by Guido Lara, OpenKM Ecuador, on 16 June 2023

OpenKM provides a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to manage, organize, and retrieve documents effortlessly


DMS in Arabic with right-to-left, top-to-bottom script

Written by Ana Canteli, on 12 June 2023

By providing an interface and design that aligns with Arabic cultural and linguistic conventions, OpenKM achieves better usability and higher user acceptance


Versatile Document Management Software for Every Organization 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 2 June 2023

OpenKM combined with comprehensive support and training, empowers organizations to streamline their document management processes


Effective Collaboration in a Business Environment: Enhancing Productivity with OpenKM's Document Management Software 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 29 May 2023

OpenKM, a comprehensive document management system, offers various options tailored to meet everyday use cases


Leveraging the Power of Uptrending ChatGPT Technology: Streamlining Document Management with OpenKM 

Written by Leonardo Nunez, on 19 May 2023

OpenKM, an open-source document management system, recognizes the power of trending technology and aims to deliver a better experience by leveraging ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot


Electronic Health Information System 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 15 May 2023

Document management software is a key tool. It plays a fundamental role in the digital transformation of the healthcare sector, offering innovative solutions that improve the quality of care, the security of health data, and the patient experience


Gaspar Palmer

Multinational Award of the Year Leader in Document Management Software

Written by Gaspar Palmer, on 8 May 2023

OpenKM has been awarded the Multinational of the Year 2023 award in document management software


Electronic document verification service

Written by Ana Canteli, on 2 May 2023

Version checking of electronic documents by inserting a QR code is especially useful in cases where the authenticity and integrity of the document are critical


Document Management and ChatGPT 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 24 April 2023

ChatGPT can play an essential role in document management by providing a tool for natural language understanding and data analysis


Customer Success Management 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 17 April 2023

With OpenKM, you can create your own customized CSM software. The DMS has all the necessary functionalities to collect all customer-related information


Artificial Intelligence and Optical Character Recognition 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 4 April 2023

In OpenKM, the combination of AI and OCR technology helps automate many document management processes, significantly reducing the manual workload and improving the efficiency and accuracy of procedures


Automated invoice extraction 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 27 March 2023

It can be very useful for companies that handle large volumes of invoices and particularly useful for companies that need to process invoices quickly and efficiently to meet payment deadlines and avoid delays


ISO 27000 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 20 March 2023

We show you the risk identification, evaluation and treatment criteria of the international standard


Change Data Capture 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 13 March 2023

OpenKM document management software has advanced features for capturing changed data, such as automatic detection of changes to documents and real-time synchronization of changes across different systems or locations


Complaints channel 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 3 March 2023

Document management systems such as OpenKM enable efficient management of an organization's documents and information, including records of complaints


Electronic Medical Records 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 24 February 2023

OpenKM's electronic medical records management software provides the ideal technological environment to deliver state-of-the-art medical information management



Written by Ana Canteli, on 20 February 2023

When we care about cybersecurity, we can address many issues and challenges by making the right decisions


Secure communications 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 13 February 2023

The aim is to ensure the information's privacy, confidentiality, and integrity


Process management 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 03 February 2023

Document management systems can significantly improve a company's process management by providing a more efficient, secure, and continuous improvement-oriented approach to managing documents and information


Virtual office services 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 30 January 2023

Virtual office services allow you to enjoy a suitable and flexible workspace and help you plan your activities efficiently, improving productivity and the image of your company


Platform as a Service 

Written by Ana Canteli, on 23 January 2023

If you want to know the features of OpenKM Paas in detail, you can contact us


Is Automation a Business Productivity Saver?

Written by Dmytro Zaichenko, on 13 January 2023

In this article, we'll help you find an answer to your question. Then, we'll help you make the best decisions to enhance your business operations forever

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