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Electronic Health Information System

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on 15 May 2023

Information is one of the most valuable resources in all sectors, and it is no different in healthcare today. Electronic health information systems (EHRs) are useful tools for managing and organizing patients' clinical information. An electronic health information system is an electronic health record that contains clinical and medical patient information, such as medical history, test results, and electronic prescriptions.

These systems can also be used to record information related to care processes, such as test results and medication, to increase efficiency and improve the quality of medical care.

Electronic health information systems are essential to the digital health development strategy worldwide. Healthcare organizations and public health ministries are investing in information technologies to improve healthcare and reduce costs. And electronic health information systems are a vital part of these investments.

Document management software is a key tool in electronic health information systems. It plays a fundamental role in the digital transformation of the healthcare sector, offering innovative solutions that improve the quality of care, the security of health data, and the patient experience. Electronic health information systems databases contain clinical and medical patient information. OpenKM's document management software has been successfully implemented in several healthcare players.

Another environment in which document management software such as OpenKM can be helpful is remote patient monitoring. With OpenKM, healthcare professionals can access real-time clinical and patient monitoring information and make more informed care decisions. Digital health solutions, connected healthcare and connected alarming, enable real-time communication between patients (especially seniors), healthcare professionals, and other healthcare providers.

OpenKM's document management software organizes and manages this information to be easily accessible to doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Patient medical and clinical information is crucial in healthcare, and OpenKM document management software ensures that this information is stored securely and is accessible. In this scenario, electronic medical and medical records are managed through document management software in electronic health information systems.

In addition, document management software is used for information security in electronic health information systems. Patient clinical information is confidential, and it must be kept safe. OpenKM's document management software provides rigorous access control and security for patient clinical information.

In addition, healthcare training is a crucial aspect of getting the most out of digital health solutions. Healthcare professionals' education and training in document management and IT solutions are essential to ensure quality healthcare and improve the patient experience. In this sense, at OpenKM, through OpenKM Academy, we offer specialized online training courses depending on the user's profile. With OpenKM, the use and management of the application will not be a problem for users.

Connected health products and preventive medicine are other areas where document management software can be useful. Related health products, such as fitness trackers, allow patients to monitor their health and well-being, which can improve disease prevention and promote sports medicine. In addition, document management can improve disease prevention and preventive healthcare by enabling the collection and analysis of population health information.

Another benefit of OpenKM document management software in electronic health information systems is that it improves the efficiency of medical care. Data processing is done faster and more efficiently, reducing patient waiting time and increasing healthcare quality.

Document management software is also used to exchange information between health systems. Electronic health information systems can be shared between different Electronic Health Information Systems (EHIS), allowing for better coordination of medical care. ICT (information and communication technologies) communications exchange information between health systems. The comprehensive documentation included in OpenKM and API guarantees seamless integration into any electronic health information system.

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