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Enterprise content management tools 

Written by Ana Canteli on 7 November 2017

ECM solutions supports the general vision of the company, which is applied through the enterprise content management system, that allows runs properly business processes, cost reduction, and the compliance of the information governance plan throughout the organization.


Digital signature

Written by Ana Canteli on 27 October 2017

Digital signatures are used extensively to provide proof of authenticity, data integrity and non-repudiation of communications and transactions conducted over the Internet. It is time to take the first step and bring the e-signing capabilities into our information ecosystem to benefit from the advantages that the e-signatures provides to all members of the society.


Workflow management software 

Written by Ana Canteli on 10 October 2017

Bpm software is the best option to automate business operations and increase business efficiency, streamline processes and build custom-made work routines that are focused on meeting organizational goals.


Entreprise content management - ECM - integration 

Written by Ana Canteli on 26 September 2017

When you introduce a new application, you want it to integrate perfectly with the other programs that are part of the organization. For this reason, the integration utilities become a fundamental element in the selection of our enterprise content management provider.


Records management software 

Written by Ana Canteli on 12 September 2017

Records management allows companies to comply with legal requirements, while maintaining the information necessary for the proper development of their business processes. Really  it doesn’t matter in what sector you work in; if you have a Human Resources department for example, then you have to comply with requirements in the records management.


Electronic document management system 

Written by Ana Canteli on 1 September 2017

There is a lot of literature and marketing around concepts such as: electronic document management system, business content manager, document manager and electronic records ... today we will try to define electronic document management systems, what characterizes them and why to choose one. 



Document imaging

Written by Ana Canteli on 6 July 2017

Your company have documentation in paper; now, let's say that you receive a request about a specific document. How sure would you feel about finding it quickly?Thanks Document Imaging doubts and problems as basic and common as these disappear.



Automatic Digital Recognition ( ADR ) 

Written by Ana Canteli on 6 July 2017

Organizations that offer scanning services or scan documents daily, can with OpenKM and ChronoScan, offer and benefit themselves from services of greater scope and quality.



Document management with biometric digital signature 

Written by Ana Canteli on 23 May 2017

The use of biometric electronic signature technology allows significant cost savings in the emission, management and storage, so shortly after its implementation, we can recover the investment.


  Ana Canteli

The Wanna Cry issue and how the DMS helps you against malware

Written by Ana Canteli on 18 May 2017

Last Friday 5th May 12 2017, we witnessed a worldwide cyber attack, known as Wanna Cry . This ransomware has been a global dilemma, affecting 150 countries and infecting more than 250,000 computers.


Gaspar Palmer

How fulfil the standard ISO 9001 

Written by Gaspar Palmer on 7 March 2017

In quality management, documentation is the basis for understanding the system, communicating the processes and their requirements within the organization and determine the effectiveness of its implementation. 


Ana Canteli

OpenKM collaborates with the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona in the Digital Information Master 

Written by Ana Canteli on 25 January 2017

Knowledge in document management is essential but, it is also necessary to know how to apply it. OpenKM offers training for all stakeholders

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