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How to improve communication between companies

Written by Luis Novoa on 17 April 2020

Communication between companies and, by extension, the exchange of documents poses a challenge for most companies.

Communication between customers and suppliers is a critical process that seeks to establish adequate procedures and persistent relationships over time.

However, putting this concept into practice successfully is not easy, since factors such as the loss of physical documentation, poor organization of documentation management, delays in replying to emails, among others, have the consequence that the Communication between client and suppliers does not flow correctly.

Electronic exchange of documents

A management system that allows the exchange of electronic documents aims to streamline communication between customers and suppliers in a safer, faster, and cheaper way.

Companies "delegate" this responsibility and can better use their resources in the business.


  • Saving of physical documentation between client-supplier.
  • Time-saving and automation of processes to generate orders, invoices, reports, etc.
  • Security in the insertion of data, manipulation, and loss of information.
  • Elimination of emails as the primary means of communication.
  • Better organization of documentation.
  • Quick access to documentation.
  • It helps companies to strengthen their relationships with their customer-suppliers.
  • Elimination of language barriers. Through the software, you can manage all the required documentation between customer-suppliers from different countries.

How to get a win-win relationship between clients and suppliers?

The main purpose of the "win-win" concept is to achieve a balance of interest between the client and the supplier. "If my clients win, I also win." This produces a beneficial impact and therefore improves the quality of services and business processes on both sides.

We can list the most important aspects when achieving a win-win relationship:

  • Corporate and interpersonal empathy.
  • Transparency.
  • Define mutual objectives.
  • Respect and honesty.
  • Have established elements such as payment conditions, prices, and guarantees of services.

All this will be part of a foundation built between the company, its customers, and suppliers. It is positively influencing not only in the economic area but also in the quality of products and consumer satisfaction.

We must not overlook the use of social networks (Facebook, Linkedln, YouTube, Twitter ...), prediction systems and data mining (artificial intelligence, Big Data), integration of cloud services, etc. All these services are complementary and contribute to maintaining a closer and more trustworthy relationship with the customer-supplier

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