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What Are the Distinct Advantages of a Document Management System?

Written by Ashlie Lopez on 4 September 2020

 Documents either paper document or electronic document is an integral part of any office, institution, etc. Managing documents has always been a struggle particularly for those who have to deal with a number of them on a daily basis. Unlike olden times when people used to browse a bundle of files to search for one page, the document management software has made it easy to safely store as many documents as you want and can also help you find the required one instantly. Document management software is becoming widely popular because of the benefits they offer and their usage on a large scale as by branding agency Pakistan. Here are some key benefits that document management systems have that will surely make you understand why they are must-haves for you and your office or for whatever the purpose you want them:

Reduced Storage Space

There is no doubt about the fact that technology has helped us upgrade the traditional methods of doing works. Earlier, there used to be large storerooms with massive shelves filled with piles of papers and files. Every year to store the increasing number of documents, people used to get a number of new cupboards or shelves to meet the needs. However, now document management systems have eradicated all such issues. You can store as many documents as you want without having to worry about storage issues. Electronic document management is way handier than the paper document and there is always room to increase the storage space.


Document misplacement or access to an unauthorized person was relatively easy when storage rooms were used for keeping the documents safe. Document management systems have eased and upgraded the safety of important documents. They can only be accessed by a person who is authorized to access them. This also saves the company from investing money in building secure storage rooms and then hiring guards to increase the protection. There is no doubt about the fact that electronic document management system has resulted in increased security of important or confidential documents.

Organization and Management

Document management and organization has never been so easy as the document management systems (DMS) has made it. You do not have to waste your time looking for one piece of paper anymore. All you need is to type the name of the document and you can get it in fractions of seconds. You can easily categorize and arrange the documents in folders and subfolders and can name them as you want. This organizational pattern saves you a lot of time and you instantly find your desired document. The more you will invest in maintaining your electronic document management system the more you are likely to reap its benefits.

Access and Sharing

Using an online document management system enables you to access your documents from wherever you want and whenever you want. Besides, you won’t need to worry about sending emails or using other means to share the access of documents with other authorized members, rather by entering a password or an individual login ID many users who want can access the documents. Moreover, if you want to share it with a third party, you can securely share it with them too. Most of the electronic document management system with email integration, allows you to securely share the documents with the concerned people. Document management software is the best way to keep the confidentiality of online documentation intact.

Backup and Recovery

Most of the document management systems offer backup options. Even if all of your data vanishes because of any malfunction you can always restore it. Unlike old times when if the storage room was burnt or flooded or if any paper document was destroyed it was nearly impossible to recover the loss. On the contrary, electronic documents can be restored back in case of malfunction in the document management system because most of them allow you to create a backup file for your data so even if you lose all of your electronic documents, you can get them back easily. Data recovery is not a problem any more and the credit goes to an electronic document management system.


Most of the document management systems enable you to monitor every single activity is done or the changes made in any document or which user accessed which document through the version control tools. For example, you can easily see what document was accessed by a certain person at what time and which device was used to access them. Moreover, you can also trace if some changes are made in any of the documents and who made those changes. Version control keeps the track of changes by creating new files with changes over the course of time so you can view any of the edited version you want to. Document management systems are often integrated with emails and you can be notified every single time someone logins into it and you can keep a record of all the changes made via emails sent to your account. Such an organized electronic document management system keeps all the online documentation adequately monitored and compel people to work more accurately.

Time is the most valuable thing among all the other things, particularly when we are trying to be maximum productive in limited office hours and document management systems save us a lot of it. Unlike traditional methods of storing documents in large storage space, you won’t have to invest extra money to secure your data, rather you can sit back and relax and let the document management software take care of it. Moreover, the fast and secure document storage system does not only help the staff to work efficiently, but it also increases client satisfaction as they will be well assured of their document’s security. All the problems related to difficulty in handling paper document are eradicated by document management software. Such an organized system of storing electronic document will surely be beneficial for you and your office and you can make any alterations any time you want.

Author's bio: Ashlie Lopez is an experienced writer. She began her writing career with Techvando. A writer by day and reader by night, his passion for helping people in all aspects of online marketing flows through in the expert industry coverage he provides."

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