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Training in document management

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on 30 October 2020

People should be the most valued element among the resources that an organization has. And yet, when it comes to investing in training and development for their staff, many companies are reluctant to consider it, as they sometimes view training as an expense and not as an investment. Or as a consequence of the company's benefits, when its human resources' capacity produces those gains.

What are the benefits of staff training?

At first, an expense and an investment are both costs; but while a cost is a punctual act, which does not produce more profit, investment implies the potential to provide more significant benefits in the future. Therefore, if corporate training is considered as an expense, companies will logically tend to reduce it. Alternatively, if perceived as an investment, it is promoted as a source of future profits.

The role of new technologies in the information society in which we find ourselves forces us to continually adapt to handle the new devices that appear in the workplace correctly. It should not be forgotten that training and development are essentials to enhance knowledge, increase staff skills and improve versatility, creativity and flexibility. And having a training plan provides numerous advantages for both workers and companies.

Personal benefits:

  • Acquisition of new knowledge, abilities, or skills.
  • Increase in employability and job security.
  • Greater possibility of salary improvements.
  • Increased personal motivation.
  • Productivity growth.
  • Improved decision making and problem-solving.
  • Taking on new responsibilities, including leadership development.

Enterprise benefits:

  • Increase in the quality of products and services.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Increased profitability.
  • Improved competitiveness.
  • Better work environment.
  • Reduction of work absenteeism.
  • Greater possibility of developing new ideas and projects.

Why is training staff so important?

We can consider the company a set of interrelated systems, each with its own employee training needs, but coincide in fundamental aspects. And one of them may be document management. There is practically no human organization worth its salt that does not work with documents or information, which ultimately has the form of a document or electronic content to access it.

But, even considering all the advantages that corporate training can provide us, companies sometimes have difficulties in defining training needs and the appropriate content to offer to their staff. For this reason, at OpenKM, we have created OpenKM Academy, the e-learning platform to provide our clients and their users with the necessary knowledge to take full advantage of the document management system's possibilities.

We offer two main training plans.

  • Administration: OpenKM administration provides the knowledge necessary to develop and expand document management software.

  • Launch the application.
  • Basic management capabilities.
  • Installation process.
  • Customizing OpenKM.
  • Examples of developments in production.
  • Customer success stories
  • Consultant: The OpenKM certified consultant will manage a complete project of implementation of the document manager.

  • Principles and standards of a document management system.
  • How to design a document management model.
  • Answer questions about the functional and technical characteristics of OpenKM.
  • Perform basic and advanced OpenKM demos autonomously.
  • Provide OpenKM training at the user level.
  • Develop a technical and economic proposal.
  • Support the administrator and developer in setting up OpenKM.

This training and development are keys to accessing new opportunities that even encourage change. A job that is always done in the same way, without observing its effects on the post's changing situation, the department, its relationship with other areas, even with the customer or the market, can be an unnoticed source of trouble. Corporate training provides staff with the possibility of testing their knowledge or tactics in different contexts, motivating the exchange of different opinions, encouraging communication, and reflection in the organization's face of situations to strengthen it.


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