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Training in the implementation of a document management system

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on 26 March 2021

In all the websites of document management solutions (this included) and specialized publications, you will find articles, brochures, and news that talk about the benefits, advantages, and merits of document management software. And there is nothing reprehensible about it because it is true. Document management systems are beneficial as they can benefit any organization, public administration, or private bodies, regardless of the sector they operate.

 But at the same time, the use of document management software is stated. It is no less accurate than the performance obtained will be directly proportional to the degree of knowledge that the organization has on the subject. That is something that will help them from the beginning, for example, to determine if they need the implementation of an electronic document management system or not. Does my company work with a large volume of documents? Are most of these documents in paper format? Do manual document management processes slow down the business? How do I manage information security? Asking these questions shows that the organization has sufficient intellectual capital to identify threats or opportunities for improvement and consider a series of alternatives.

But it must also be borne in mind that if multidisciplinary knowledge is not cultivated, the company will sooner or later be affected by situations that can overwhelm its capacity to react. And for that, there are always solutions like outsourcing. In fact, at OpenKM, we are used to accompanying our clients in the implementation processes of each company's document management system or public administration because internally, each organization is different. If they wish, we can offer consulting services to develop and customize your facilities.

Those who know a little about the OpenKM platform know that our document management system has the necessary resources to complete and develop the installation with total autonomy (see Besides enjoying other advantages, such as compatibility with a multitude of databases and transparent integration with computer tools already implemented in the company or public administration. To provide a more solid experience, from OpenKM Academy, we offer training courses to different groups of beneficiaries. Our e-learning platform is completed with the Consultant Course created in collaboration with the Higher School of Archives and Document Management of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

With this training program, the people in charge of proposing a document management system will have the knowledge and skills necessary to plan the document management project successfully.

To join the Consultant program, it is unnecessary to have previous knowledge in electronic document management or information security. Beneficiaries will have 12 weeks to complete the training program, which they can manage at will during that period. They will be able to consult and download the lessons, organized by modules, tutorials, explanatory videos, access to the bibliography, and other interest resources.

Also, they will have the support of specialized personnel in document management through tutorials.

After completing the course, the beneficiaries will obtain the OpenKM Consultant certification title after passing a multiple-choice exam. As a result of the training program, beneficiaries will be able to accredit:

  • Know the principles and standards of document management.
  • Ability to design a document management model.
  • Knowledge to answer questions about the functional and technical characteristics of OpenKM.
  • Autonomously carry out basic and advanced demonstrations on the OpenKM document management system.
  • Provide training to end-users of the OpenKM software.
  • Support the administrator and the developer in the parameterization of the document management system. 

In this way, members of the organization such as project managers, technicians in electronic document management, information security, or sales personnel, to name just a few examples, will have basic knowledge and theoretical concepts of document management on:

  • The design and implementation of a document management system
  • The parts that make up a document management system
  • its application and management in an E.D.R.M.S platform, specifically in OpenKM.

Contact us, and we will offer you more information about our training offer.


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