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SharePoint integration

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on 31 august 2022

SharePoint is Microsoft's office document management platform. It is widely spread in the business world thanks to the hegemonic position of the technology giant.

Officially, Microsoft SharePoint allows you to manage and share content, find information, and transparently collaborate across the organization, improving productivity. That is if you don't leave the Microsoft solutions portfolio. However, it is common for many organizations to have various specialized programs: ERP systems, CRM systems, PLM, etc.

The integration of SharePoint is essential in these cases to enable interoperability between all the organization's systems, including the information technology level.

Benefits of integration between applications

Thanks to the integration work between applications, companies have increased their profits and improved productivity. These are not the only benefits:

  • Greater collaboration: Every department or team has its working style, and specialized software plays a significant role. With the integrations, teams can work on all content in real-time and have better coordination and teamwork.
  • Better centralization: Integrations enable collaborators to access libraries of resources; this guarantees the secure exchange and real-time updating of data and documents. The centralized repository allows remote access, making work compatible in various modalities; remotely, moved to the client's location, on-site, etc.
  • Increased storage: By having two integrated solutions, the organization can enjoy the combined repository space that the platforms offer.
  • Extra Synchronization: If required, integration between software can be set up so that users can work offline if needed.

Each organization has its ecosystem of programs, so each one represents a different integration project. OpenKM facilitates integration with third-party applications with its open-source technology and complete documentation.

The OpenKM team has extensive experience developing ad-hoc projects and guarantees custom integrations' success. One of them, the integration of SharePoint online and the OpenKM document management system, improves productivity and profitability and helps reduce redundancy, a widespread problem when staff work on multiple platforms simultaneously.

OpenKM includes advanced functionalities that make it possible to obtain analysis by creating reports, automating tasks, and improving communication. Additionally, OpenKM is not limited by file extensions.

Integration projects with OpenKM can be approached from different points of view:

API-based integrations

Software development kits for Java, PHP, and .NET are available in the OpenKM Knowledge Center, and software developers and web development consulting services can benefit from these resources.

Integrating OpenKM with Microsoft SharePoint allows a company to complete all its tasks and transactions on a single platform; this, in turn, improves its commercial procedures, quality of service, and the amount of satisfaction perceived by the client.

Integrations via CMIS

OpenKM supports CMIS through the Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS library. Java libraries enable developers to create CMIS servers and clients. OpenKM can also be used as a CMIS server with a connector based on OpenCMIS.

Integration is the ideal option for cases in which content repositories operate together and for scenarios in which an application connects to a warehouse to use the content. This option comes in handy when troubleshooting the scalability of SharePoint Online instances to improve the user experience. In cases when applications interact with multiple content repositories at the same time, choosing to integrate results on a single user interface facilitates federated searches and addresses the situation better compared to choosing migration.

The organization can customize the combination of required integrations to solve its challenges. SharePoint integration is ideal, especially for businesses that want to improve data management, file processing, and teamwork.

OpenKM has successfully integrated its document management solution with the Microsoft SharePoint platform. As a result of this integration, users can create, upload, and edit content from both solutions, and users can also see the contents and access all the related data in real-time.

Contact us to know more about the integration possibilities between OpenKM and SharePoint online.

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