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Optimizing franchise management with OpenKM

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on 8 April 2024

Efficiency and security in business documentation

In the franchise industry, efficient document management is essential to ensure information security and compliance with privacy regulations. In this context, OpenKM document management software emerges as an innovative solution that offers secure and personalized document management for franchised companies. In this article, we will explore how OpenKM's multi-company module is transforming the way franchises manage their documentation, improving efficiency and safety in the process.

Streamlining processes and ensuring the confidentiality of business information

Document management software is a fundamental tool in the management of modern companies, especially in business environments where a large amount of information is handled. In the specific case of franchising, where communication between the parent company and franchisees is crucial, having a solid document management system in place becomes even more critical.

OpenKM's document management software allows franchising companies to centrally manage all their documentation, without compromising the security and privacy of the information. Let's imagine a situation where a franchising company looking to expand its franchise network while complying with strict privacy and data protection regulations. With OpenKM's multi-company module, this franchising company can efficiently manage documentation with its franchisees, ensuring that each party has access to only the information relevant to them.

When a new franchisee candidate shows interest in opening a franchise, a record is automatically created in OpenKM and assigned to a specific employee of the franchising company. This employee reviews the information provided by the candidate and, if approved, begins validating the accesses required to start the franchise. This entire process is carried out safely and efficiently thanks to OpenKM's multi-company module.

One of the main advantages of OpenKM's document management software is its ability to automate processes. This means businesses can save time and resources by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks. For example, OpenKM can automate invoice processing, time tracking, and task management, allowing employees to spend more time on higher value-added activities.

Once the franchisee gains access to their OpenKM session, they can view all relevant documentation, perform assigned tasks, manage workflows, and receive notifications about any changes to their space. In addition, the expiration calendar helps you keep up with document renewals, while the built-in search engine makes it easy to find key information.

In terms of document security,  OpenKM's document management software offers various functionalities to protect the sensitive information of franchised companies. For example, all invoices, delivery notes, and other important documents can be digitally signed, ensuring their authenticity and integrity. In addition, OpenKM offers backup features to protect data from loss or damage.

OpenKM's document management software is also easy to use, making it easy for employees of all skill levels to adopt. With an intuitive interface and well-designed features, OpenKM allows companies to take full advantage of all its capabilities without the need for extensive training. In fact, through OpenKM Academy, the online training platform, training courses tailored to the user's profile are offered.

In addition to its functionality as a document management system, OpenKM can also be used to facilitate and improve e-invoicing, machinery rental and other business transactions. The franchisor can offer OpenKM as a time tracking system for employees, ensuring compliance with labor regulations and simplifying payroll management.

OpenKM's document management software offers a comprehensive solution for franchised companies, helping them manage their documentation in an efficient, secure and personalized way. By streamlining document management processes, franchises can focus on their growth and expansion, knowing that their information is protected and well-organized.

In an increasingly competitive market, efficiency and security in document management are essential for the success of franchises.

If you are a franchising company looking for an efficient and secure document management solution, consider implementing OpenKM's document management software. Transform the way you manage your documentation and take your project to the next level!

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