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OpenKM: Revolutionizing Business Efficiency Through Intelligent Document Management

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on 15 January 2024

OpenKM, a Spanish SME founded in 2005, has transformed document management. In the beginning, they challenged the exclusivity of large corporations in access to document management software, recognizing the predominant needs of small and medium-sized companies in the domestic business fabric. The founders, committed to innovation, quality and values such as transparency, responsibility and confidentiality, continue to lead the national team, now spread to the 4 continents.

 Since its inception, OpenKM software applications have expanded to cover the use cases and needs of the growing portfolio of customers that, over time, we have acquired on all continents and sectors of activity. 


We can highlight OpenKM's ability to provide document management coverage to organizations dedicated to engineering and architecture, thanks to the AutoCAD plan preview module. This allows AutoCAD files to be viewed directly within the system, making it easier to review details and codes in drawings. It contains features that allow you to easily zoom, navigate, and browse drawings to identify relevant data. Add markers or comments directly on drawings, to point out important areas or provide additional information. At the same time, the QR code functionality for AutoCAD drawings facilitates the control of drawings versions, thus improving document security and eliminating costly human errors on site.

Empowering Companies in the Age of Transparency - The Whistleblowing Channel That Transforms Corporate Culture

One of the latest developments of the system has been the creation of a Whistleblowing Channel, based on OpenKM's open source technology. As is known, since February 21 of this year, Law 2/2023, regulating the protection of people who report regulatory and anti-corruption breaches, came into force in Spain. In Spain, the new law stipulates the creation of a whistleblowing channel for companies with more than 50 employees. OpenKM's whistleblowing channel allows the reception, follow-up and management of reports centrally and online, with features such as:

  • Registration and follow-up of complaints: OpenKM can allow the registration of complaints received, nominative and anonymous, their classification, assignment and follow-up.

  • Notification of updates: OpenKM's document management software sends notifications to stakeholders about the status of complaints, ongoing investigations, and resolutions.

  • Security and confidentiality: OpenKM's document management system provides high levels of security and privacy, ensuring the confidentiality of reports and protecting whistleblowers.

  • Recording and tracking of actions: OpenKM can allow the management of actions taken in response to complaints, as well as the documentation of actions taken.

Intelligent information management

In addition, OpenKM has recently unveiled a new integration with ChatGPT.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can bring significant improvements to an organization's document management in a number of ways. Implementing artificial intelligence solutions in document management can lead to greater operational efficiency, reduced errors, time savings, and more effective information management in an organization through the following improvements:

  • Information Extraction: Natural language processing (NLP) techniques allow AI to extract key information from documents, such as dates, names, and specific data, speeding up data capture.

  • Smart Search: The implementation of advanced AI-based search algorithms improves the accuracy and relevance of search results, making it easier to locate specific documents in large repositories.

  • Automatic Classification: AI can analyze documents and automatically classify them into relevant categories. This simplifies the organizing process and makes it easier to efficiently search for documents.

  • Automatic Summary Generation: ChatGPT can generate automatic summaries of lengthy documents, providing users with a quick and concise view of the content, making it easier to review and make decisions.

The combination of OpenKM's document management capabilities with ChatGPT's conversational intelligence has the potential to deliver a more advanced and efficient experience for users.

OpenKM: Customization as a Quality Standard

The OpenKM team's strong experience in document management, backed by the core values of accountability, transparency and confidentiality, makes OpenKM the ideal partner for any document project. Here are some of the key benefits our software offers:

Efficiency in the Generation and Access to documentation wherever you are:

  • Use of document templates hosted on OpenKM.

  • Automation of the generation of mandatory documentation for any sector of activity.

Handwritten Remote Signature:

  • Streamlining document management and speeding up payment processes.

  • Ability to add a handwritten signature remotely using a stylus or the device's touch interface, without the need to print the document.

These recent implementations have proven to be highly satisfactory for end users, significantly improving day-to-day productivity and simplifying document processes.

Discover the power of efficient document management with OpenKM, simplify your processes, improve collaboration, and boost productivity. Are you ready to transform the way you handle information? Contact OpenKM today and take the first step towards advanced and hassle-free document management!


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