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Mobile Document Management

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on 28 June 2024

In an increasingly interconnected world, mobile document management has become an imperative need. Since its founding in 2005, OpenKM has revolutionized the field of electronic records and document management. Initially, its document management software was designed to be installed on the client's servers and accessible primarily through computers. Today, however, cross-platform access is the norm, and OpenKM has worked hard to improve the mobile experience, making document management from the mobile device as efficient as from other devices.

The Present and Future of Online Document Management

Mobile document management is not only a current trend, but also represents the future of online document management. This advancement allows businesses and professionals to access, edit, and manage their documents from anywhere, at any time. The mobility and flexibility offered by mobile apps are crucial in a business environment that values immediacy and efficiency.

The OpenKM Mobile Experience

The experience of using OpenKM from a mobile device is comparable to that of a user from other devices. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, allowing users to perform a variety of tasks, from filing to editing documents. In addition, OpenKM offers a free trial so that businesses can experience the benefits of their system before committing.

OpenKM main features

  • 1. Anytime, anywhere access

    • Mobility: Employees can access company documents from anywhere and at any time, increasing flexibility and responsiveness.

    • Remote work: Allows employees to work efficiently even outside the office, facilitating teleworking and improving business continuity.

  • 2. Improved productivity

    • Time savings: Employees can quickly and easily search, view, and edit documents without needing to be at their desk.

    • Better adaptability: It facilitates the completion of tasks and quick decision-making by having immediate access to the necessary information.

  • 3. Efficient Collaboration

    • Document sharing: Employees can instantly share documents with colleagues and clients, improving collaboration and communication.

    • Real-time updates: Any changes to documents are recorded in real-time, ensuring everyone is working with the most up-to-date information.

  • 4. Improved user service

    • Quick response: It allows you to respond more quickly and efficiently to queries from customers and colleagues or public administrations, by having immediate access to relevant information.

    • Accessible documentation: Any member of the organization can access key documents during meetings and customer visits, improving the quality of service.

  • 5. Security

    • Controlled access: OpenKM offers granular-level security options to ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive documents from mobile devices.

    • Encryption and security: Information is transmitted securely, reducing the risk of data leaks.

  • 6. Reduced costs

    • Paper reduction and elimination: Encourages the implementation of the paperless office, reducing printing and storage costs of physical documents.

    • Resource optimization: The use of mobile devices can optimize the company's technological resources and reduce the need for expensive infrastructures.

  • 7. Adaptability and scalability

    • Scalability: OpenKM can be scaled according to the needs of the company, allowing you to manage a growing volume of documents without problems.

    • Updates and improvements: OpenKM provides regular updates that improve functionality and security.

    OpenKM Mobile Use Case Example

    Consider a courier employee who picks up important documents from a branch office to deliver to the head office. You need to register the collection of the documents. The employee uses their mobile to photograph the collected documents, then opens the OpenKM mobile app, selects the option to upload a new document, attaches the photograph and adds relevant details such as the sender's name, document type and pick-up date. Once the document has been uploaded to the corresponding folder in OpenKM, the system sends a notification to the central office and the sender confirming the collection. This process ensures immediate registration of document collection, reduces the risk of loss during transit, and facilitates efficient communication with the parties involved.

    In short, mobile document management is an indispensable tool for modern companies looking to maintain their competitiveness and efficiency. OpenKM stands out in this area by offering a robust document management solution that is accessible from any mobile device. With its focus on ease of use and security, OpenKM enables businesses to manage their digital and paper documents efficiently and securely. Process automation, version control, and comprehensive system documentation that allow for seamless integration with third-party applications ensure that OpenKM remains at the forefront of electronic document management.

    Companies that have not yet adopted a modern management solution are at risk of being left behind. Cloud document management and mobile capabilities are not just a trend, but a strategic necessity for any organization that wants to thrive in today's digital environment. OpenKM, with its focus on document digitization and enterprise content management, is well-positioned to lead this transformation.

    Offering a free trial allows businesses to directly evaluate the benefits of OpenKM, ensuring that their transition to mobile document management is smooth and effective. Adopt OpenKM and discover how your document management software can transform the way you handle your information, increasing productivity and facilitating a true paperless office

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