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Jobs from home

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on 18 February 2022

Working from home is a way of working that many have arrived at abruptly. Over time, it is seen as an increasingly attractive alternative if we compare it with the image of the traditional job.

 There are sectors of activity more prone to online work than others; content writer, telephone salesperson, marketing consultant are just some of the jobs that allow you to earn money without leaving home. If you want to work remotely, you can start looking for employment from home using web portals, such as Jooble, an international job search engine, which even shares ideas for working remotely.

 At Jooble, we are looking for people who want to work, willing to enjoy all the advantages of online employment. If you are a digital nomad, earning money from home is not a mystery since online entrepreneurs have long since installed their means of generating income wherever they go. The opportunity to work and leave home goes hand in hand with an online business. According to your needs, if you want to work enjoying flexible hours, full-time or part-time, get your batteries because working online is an opportunity for you. Some vacancies require previous experience or technical skills such as knowledge of Java. In contrast, others are more accessible to the general public, such as community manager positions, virtual assistants, business advisors, or customer service. These profiles are so in demand that they request immediate incorporation on many occasions.

 The three main types of jobs from home

The employee

When you decide, "I want to work from home," you can ask yourself several questions. What type of contract will I have? If you ask yourself this question, you favor working for someone else. In this case, the only difference is that you don't go to the office every morning because you work from home online. All the benefits and social rights of your agreement/company have to be applied.

The self-employed worker

Most people who have said yes to whether I want to work from home are self-employed. They have the virtues of digital know-how (imagination, innovation, resolution) to gain a portfolio of clients that allows them to do what they like best: to earn money by working the way they want. Flexibility and conciliation are the norms. Customer loyalty allows the freelance - young people with higher academic training and high technical skills - to develop this way of life in the long term.

Studies indicate this trend continues to grow, so freelance work in Spain could lead to up to 25% of the workforce.

Digital entrepreneur

Being a digital entrepreneur is for you if you want to work from home. You can earn a lot of money by founding an online company selling your products or services through your online store.

Digital entrepreneurs have the ambition to create a project capable of making a difference in their environment. They want to share it with the world, and they want to transform their lives and those of many for the better. They dominate new technologies, have a great capacity for adaptation, are resilient - accept their mistakes and draw lessons from them - and are always willing to learn. 

Information and documentation management working from home

Managing information and documentation is essential whether you're a blogger, virtual assistant, or even a telecommunications engineer working out of a van in Hawaii. One of the downsides of working from home is that help is limited. Having reliable document management software capable of adapting to our current and future needs is essential to allow online work to flourish. OpenKM's document management system provides the ideal work platform to coordinate and facilitate collaboration between employees who go to the office and those who want to work from home. OpenKM modules allow us to respond to market demands quickly and efficiently. And to facilitate the use and acceptance of the system, from OpenKM Academy, we offer a free online course for end-users. We think it's an excellent way to get started in electronic document management. For more information, do not hesitate to request a personalized online demo.


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