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Is It Secure to Use a Document Management System?

 Written by Jane Travison 6 August 2021

The document management system provides storage, accounting, convenient search, security, and prompt access to corporate securities. Document management can include contracts, personal information, correspondence, multimedia content, knowledge bases, social media, archives.

What is it for?

The volumes of information of any company are tens and hundreds of thousands of files. Any company sooner or later faces the challenge of organizing and automating document flow. And the document management system does it all. This may be due to the growth of the company, changes in structure, the need to update management practices and working methods that impede competitiveness.

The document management system, in other words, the electronic document management system, introduced in a timely manner in the company, will help overcome such problems and become a tool for analyzing the state of many business processes. This will allow you to recognize bottlenecks in time and adjust document management strategies and practices to improve the efficiency of the enterprise.

What could be the difference and benefits?

The difference between document management systems and simple e-mail correspondence, such as educational writing services, is that it allows you to work more formally. If you have several employees, of course, you can send them your tasks by mail and wait for a response, but this is not very convenient. In addition, mail servers do not always guarantee mail delivery and do not always send read reports.

EDMS systems use the concept of workflow. This is usually a sequence of parallel or sequential waypoints. Each point can contain tasks, deadlines, and report fields.

A good EDMS usually records the history of interactions with the document, such as the time when the user opened their task or submitted a report. The corporate EDMS is more protected from malicious software and viruses, potentially encrypting all files on the disk.

Another huge advantage of EDMS is that it allows you to work with structured data. For example, you can create this invoice form (document card) without any programming knowledge.

Key features of document management

Organization of management system of electronic documents ensures the growth of productivity due to:

  • prompt entry of information into the system;
  • simple data retrieval;
  • automated comparison of paper and digital media;
  • secure storage of confidential information;
  • maintaining the relevance of data;
  • prevention of loss and damage of documents;
  • simplification of the exchange of electronic correspondence with branches, partners.

Electronic document management system performs many tasks, and they are easy to adapt to the specifics of a particular business.

The main features of a secure document management system can be divided into five blocks:

  1. Affixing metadata. When structuring information, you can add user identifiers, dates, and other marks to electronic document management systems, which will help in automatic information search and selection.
  2. Integration. EDMS can be both a self-sufficient system and part of a common software platform used by a company to store and process paper documents, work with them collectively, make informed management decisions, and so on.
  3. Transfer of papers into electronic form. The document management system allows converting paper media into digital, recognizing text for further automatic processing, safe storage.
  4. Indexing. A competent organization of electronic document management security will allow you to classify them based on metadata and indices, which will simplify and speed up the search for information and work with it.
  5. Storage. It is much more convenient and safer to store documents in an understandable and functional software package than in an office closet. You can configure access rights, backup, data movement. A well-organized document management software system pays off quickly.

Organization of document flow and electronic filing

Consider the issue of organizing the workflow. It is a key element of the company's management. The use of the system will primarily reduce the time for processing documents due to the availability of document and file templates and customized routes for their passage.

Work scenarios can vary, but, despite the complex logic of the processes, the document management system for safe and secure is always clear and easy to use for the end-user because he sees only his tasks and documents.

Types of document management and document flow processes can be as follows:

  • Registration of incoming and outgoing correspondence;
  • Document scanning and entering them into the system;
  • Creation of documents in the system using templates;
  • Approval, signing, and registration of documents;
  • Creation of resolutions on documents;
  • Bringing resolutions to the performers and automatic control of their execution;
  • Distribution of electronic documents;
  • Storage of electronic documents.

Software products are created per ISO 9001 international standards and CMMI 3 model.

Remote access to documents

Remote access to documents and control of business processes is a requirement today for almost all cloudbased document management systems. Of course, it is impossible to fit all the functionality of a powerful system into a mobile app for a mobile device. But in fact, there is no particular need for this. It is impossible to edit documents from the phone screen, which must be done on a desktop computer.

But having at hand a mobile data protection application that tells you what tasks and documents have been put into work for you allows you to view the received documents, you can stay in the process of work.

For example, you can start performing tasks, appoint responsible executors of the assignment or agree on a document, delegate the execution of the assignment, read the contract that needs to be urgently agreed upon.

Companies that deal with document management solutions carry out the EDMS development, implementation, and maintenance. Each customer can count on an individualized approach, considering all wishes, professional recommendations, and performing work on time. In addition, the document management software service department of each company provides information support, maintenance, and training of specialists.

How to start transfer document flow and other internal processes of the company to a remote location?

The coronavirus is not forever. Yes, this is a big challenge for everyone - for people and business. However, like any challenge, it reveals new opportunities! And one of them is the prospect of making the business more efficient. As a resource for companys document optimization, we propose to consider management processes.

The management solution topic was relevant even before the coronavirus, and today it is a necessary step for companies switching to telecommuting. It is important to arm yourself with knowledge and correctly implements it using suitable and modern IT tools.

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