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Improve Service Quality Management with Artificial Intelligence Integration

Written by Igor Grgur, OpenKM Serbia, on 19 January 2024

Introducing SQM with OpenKM - a sophisticated model for enhancing internal and external services.

If you are looking to elevate your business, discover how SQM and OpenKM are transforming service quality management.

  • Are you seeking a more efficient way to systematize various internal and external services, resolve team collaboration issues, and gain deeper insights into customer needs and expectations?
  • Do you strive to deliver top-notch service, identify deficiencies, and understand their root causes?
  • Is it crucial for you to continuously monitor service quality at all levels – from individual tasks, performers, teams, to the entire company, on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis?
  • Do you lack the ease of tracking and predicting trends in customer needs and challenges in service delivery?

SQM, integrated with OpenKM DMS, brings a range of advanced features, including collaboration with artificial intelligence, utilizing AI tools like ChatGPT. This means that your team can directly harness the power of ChatGPT or other AI services in every service request. Employees can collaborate seamlessly, and documents and communications are tied to the service task rather than scattered across information silos.

In other words, users have the ability to initiate new topics with ChatGPT or other AI services directly from service request. This collaborative approach allows employees to communicate efficiently with ChatGPT without the need to enter individual ChatGPT accounts, promoting speed and efficiency in collaborative work with AI.

The fact that your team can now easily open new AI conversations, alternately pose questions, share information, comment on responses, and collaborate on finding the best solutions for each service task leads us to the conclusion of achieving a myriad of benefits. In essence, this enables faster resolution of customer queries, accelerated learning for employees, and increased customer satisfaction. Moreover, our interface includes a dedicated tab for keeping multiple notes and working on final conclusions and texts. We facilitate note-taking and liking responses from AI agents, preserving communication for future needs.

Fast and efficient communication with ChatGPT enhances service request resolution, reduces response time, and increases service quality. However, to ensure our AI integration has an even more direct positive impact on customer satisfaction and employee performance management, we have implemented the ability for service requestors to rate service quality and add comments.

This innovation puts users at the center, allowing them to actively participate in improving the quality of services provided and measuring service quality. Thanks to this new feature, service requestors can quickly and easily assess the quality of service received. Ratings are available immediately after completing the service task, providing direct feedback. This enables companies to quickly identify areas that require improvement and respond to customer needs in real-time or go the extra mile in service, perception of value, and customer satisfaction.

Openness and transparency in communication at all levels are something every advanced company striving for continuous improvement desires. We noticed that by adding the option of comments after rating the service, we create an open channel of communication between the company and the service requestor, or internally in collaboration among employees at the same or different hierarchical levels. Clients or employees can share their impressions, perceptions, suggestions, and praises directly with the team performing the service or management. This transparency fosters trust between the company and users, among employees, building stronger relationships.

Enhancing customer satisfaction through personalized ratings and comments gives service requestors a sense of being part of the process. A personalized approach creates space for continuous improvement and tighter relationships with customers. Through this interaction, companies can tailor their services to meet real expectations and preferences of customers.

Analyzing feedback helps us better manage the company. Ratings and comments from service requestors become a valuable source of data for analysis. This feedback enables companies to identify trends in customer satisfaction, recognize behavior patterns, and adjust service delivery strategies. Using this information, companies can make informed decisions that directly contribute to business improvement.

Partnership with customers toward improving business relationships is a crucial element of any business. Adding the ability to rate and comment to our SQM application marks a significant step in building sustainable relationships with customers. This functionality is not just a tool for measuring satisfaction, but a means for active partnership between the company and service requestors.

We are following the logic of "Share your opinion with us, and together we will build a better and more efficient business environment. Participate in improvement – because your satisfaction is our priority!"

SQM and OpenKM are not just management tools but catalysts for change. They give you the opportunity to shape the future of service quality. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us today and discover how SQM and OpenKM can help your company unlock the full potential of AI and service improvement.

With SQM and OpenKM, you're not just managing service requests; you're shaping the future of service quality


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