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Improve customer service with a DMS

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on 8 April 2022

Document management in an organization is essential, but it offers a critical character that is difficult to overcome if we talk about customer information. After all, any company worth its salt cannot afford to survive without consumers of its products or services. Hence, maintaining and even improving customer document management is essential at an operational and strategic level. The old school might consider that the job was done once a potential customer became real. However, nothing is further from reality; when a natural or legal person chooses us, they begin the relationship as a customer. And it is our responsibility that said relationship be as positive, productive, and satisfying as possible.

Benefits of document management in customer relationship management

Using the right management platform for our business is vital to ensure the best customer relationship. Given the amount and variety of information that can be handled in the commercial, sales, and post-sales process, it is highly recommended to have document management software that helps maximize the usefulness of the information we hold. With this, we will also be able to benefit from the following advantages:

  • Improvement of business processes: all the organization, from the technical to human resources through the strategy that harmonizes all efforts, are divided into activities or tasks, always susceptible to improvement. It is easier to improve processes through automation, digitization of documents, and new signature solutions, such as electronic signatures, digital signatures, access to customer portals, etc. All of this contributes to improving the management of business processes and thus enhancing the relationship with the client

  • Save time and money: one of the consequences of process improvement is that both the company and the client can dispense with stages or events that were previously unavoidable, such as travel, mandatory attendance at the office for customer service, time limitations, Etc. Employees and customers can access the information and documentation they need, regardless of time or place, using document management software. The speed with which both can find what they need also improves satisfaction.

  • New communication channels: working with a document management system allows you to align all the production and organizational processes of a company. This means harmonizing efforts and solving new challenges such as the management of electronic formats, database management, and knowledge management. But it also supposes the creation of new ways of exchanging information that facilitates and enriches the relationship with the client.

  • Greater information security: thanks to document management software, the company can ensure that each employee or client has access to the system according to their role and needs. Both the tool and the accessible document repository are adapted to each user, and the platform allows complete auditing of everything that happens in the document management system.

Advantages of CRMs

A document management software offers all the necessary functionalities to guarantee the management of the company's information and documentation throughout the entity. CRM, or customer relationship management, is a software solution perfectly adapted to the business relationship that occurs with the latter. Although a document manager can be adapted to meet all the requirements of the commercial process, it is always interesting to evaluate the benefits of this type of program. Thanks to them, we can apply the following recommendations:

  • The customer's opinion: without discussing whether the customer is always right or whether the customer is a priority, knowing what they think about what we do is vital. It helps us evaluate their degree of satisfaction and their potential loyalty. If we are on the right track if they detect any error or potential that has escaped us. Most CRMs allow you to create records by a customer in which to add this type of information

  • Support service or customer service: many CRMs are prepared to provide the support that the customer needs, whether it is registering incidents, complaints, suggestions, or satisfaction surveys. CRM helps maintain service quality for commercial staff and makes it easier for them to monitor and prepare commercial campaigns.

  • Promotion of products and services: the platform can offer discounts to customers on particular dates, send relevant content, announce improvements in the company's products and services, etc.

  • Customer Portal: Customers today are not content to place an order by mail or phone and wait for the product or service to arrive. CRM solutions include access for customers with shipping options, tracking, shipping status notifications, FAQ section, and direct contact information with customer service staff, if necessary.

Why is it essential to integrate document management with customer relationship management?

We have already seen that document management systems have a transversal scope throughout the organization, which provides multiple advantages. Benefiting from the scope of document management and the relevance of CRMs makes integrating both solutions a natural and important step in the digital transformation of any business.

For all these reasons, OpenKM and FHS, a software development company and partner of Odoo - a CRM provider - are working on creating a connector between both platforms to benefit all users.

FHS develops the connector together with OpenKM

FHS offers computer and software solutions for companies, making us the ideal developer of this connector with the collaboration of OpenKM.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


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