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History, Strengths, and Global Presence of OpenKM in the Digital Age

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on 9 february 2024

In the ever-dynamic world of electronic records and document management, OpenKM has not only observed its evolution, but has led the way since its founding in 2005, emerging as a comprehensive and globally respected solution. Through strategic collaborations with partners and distributors, as well as its ongoing commitment to online training, OpenKM has cemented its position as an essential tool for effective information management.

History of OpenKM: From the Foundation to the Present

In 2005, a visionary group of developers who are experts in document management and business operations brought OpenKM to life with the vision of providing an open-source document management solution. Since then, OpenKM has undergone continuous development, adapting with agility to the changing needs of the business and organizational environment. With regular updates and a relentless focus on innovation, OpenKM has achieved global status as a reliable and efficient document management software.

10 Years of the OpenKM Blog: Special Offer for Free OpenKM Academy Courses

In tune with the digital age, OpenKM has recognized the crucial importance of online training to empower users and practitioners. The creation of OpenKM Academy has been a significant step forward, offering structured courses, enriching tutorials, and access to valuable educational resources.

As a special 10th anniversary offer we provide access to the current OpenKM Academy course offering, free of charge, until March 31st. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact  us:

Certifications are offered with tutorials, exercises, related documents, examples, and live tutored classes via videoconference, on-demand.

The certified courses are as follows:

  • Consultant: The OpenKM certified consultant will manage a complete project for the implementation of the document management system:
  • Principles and standards of a document management system.
  • How to design a document management model.
  • Answer questions about the functional and technical features of OpenKM.
  • Perform basic and advanced OpenKM demos autonomously.
  • Provide OpenKM training to the user level.
  • Develop a technical and economic proposal.
  • Support the administrator and developer in the configuration of OpenKM.
  • Administrator: provides the necessary knowledge for the development and expansion of our document management software:
  • Launch the app.
  • Basic management skills.
  • Installation process.
  • OpenKM customization.
  • Examples of new products in production.
  • Customer Success Stories
  • Developer: The goal is to provide the necessary knowledge to develop and evolve the application through the tools provided:
  • Customizations
  • Plugin Creation: You will learn how to create plugins that automate background processes, which is essential for improving operational efficiency in an organization.
  • Recurring Task Scheduling: You'll discover how to schedule Crontab tasks, allowing you to automatically execute actions at specific times.
  • In-Depth Metadata: You'll gain a thorough understanding of how metadata works in OpenKM and how it can be used to organize and classify documents effectively.
  • Reporting: You'll explore creating reports using SQL, code, and plugins, allowing you to generate actionable insights from OpenKM data.
  • User Interface Enhancement: You will learn how to extend the functionalities of the user interface to adapt OpenKM to the specific needs of your organization.
  • Security Fundamentals: Information security is crucial, and this course will provide you with the skills to ensure that documents are properly protected.
  • Advanced Development.
  • Using Java SDKs: You'll explore the OpenKM Java SDK and learn how to develop custom applications with it.
  • Using the .NET SDK: If you have experience with .NET, this course will teach you how to use the .NET SDK to integrate OpenKM into .NET-based business applications.
  • Using the Node.js SDK: You'll take advantage of Node.js's capabilities to interact with OpenKM and develop modern, responsive applications.
  • Creating an External Application with Spring Boot: You will learn how to create a fully functional external application using Spring Boot, a technology widely adopted in business development.
  • Third-Party Application Integration: You will discuss in detail how to integrate the OpenKM document preview with other applications, which is essential for effective collaboration in a business environment.
  • Creating an Application with VUE: You will discover how to use the VUE JavaScript framework to develop highly interactive web applications that take advantage of the capabilities of OpenKM.

This approach has not only strengthened OpenKM's user base, but has also contributed significantly to the operational efficiency of organizations deploying this powerful platform.

OpenKM's Strengths: Power and Adaptability

What really sets OpenKM apart is its strong features and ability to address multiple aspects of document management. From implementation to maintenance and continuous development, OpenKM provides a complete suite of tools. Their ability to manage documents efficiently, maintain information security through granular document security policy, version control, or facilitate customizable workflows has been essential to their continued success.

Consulting Services: Guiding the Path to Success

OpenKM not only provides a cross-platform document management platform, but also supports its users through consulting services. Certified OpenKM consultants provide expert guidance on system implementation and configuration. From the principles and standards of a document management system to model design and advanced demonstrations, OpenKM consultants are prepared to tackle complex challenges and ensure project success.

Customizations: adapting OpenKM to specific needs

Every organization is unique, and OpenKM recognizes that.  OpenKM's customizability allows the platform to be tailored to specific organizational needs. From customizing workflows to integrating with other business applications, OpenKM adapts flexibly to each customer's particular requirements.

Looking to the Future: Innovation, Expansion and Continuous Commitment

As we look to the future, OpenKM is committed to maintaining its leading position through constant innovation, expanding its global presence, and continuously committing to excellence in the development of its document management system. With a developer course and the implementation of new functionalities, OpenKM demonstrates its focus on meeting the changing needs of organizations in the digital age.

OpenKM as an Engine of Business Transformation

In conclusion, OpenKM's background is a story of adaptability, innovation and commitment. From humble beginnings to its current position as a global leader in document management, OpenKM has demonstrated its ability to evolve over time and anticipate market needs. Its international presence, strategic partnerships, comprehensive services and commitment to online training has given OpenKM a unique position in business transformation. OpenKM is not simply a document management software; It's an engine that drives organizations' success in the digital age and paves the way for future triumphs.

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