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Free online document management training

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on 9 July 2021

In the information, society is increasingly difficult to find a job where a person does not have to interact with documentation or data at some point. And now we could add that, due to the exceptional circumstances in which we live, managing documentation and information through document management software has become the norm.

This, is a solution to a complex problem, can nevertheless be a headache for the affected person. If, for example, you work in an office, how are document management processes transformed with the implementation of an electronic document and records management system? Will paper documents still be accepted? What to do to digitize them? How is electronic and digitized documentation organized? Where to start when implementing document management software? And how far do we want to go? Also, on a technical and human level, what do I have to do? And this is just a selection of the trade-offs that any company has faced in recent times.

Some have chosen to stay where they were, with the risk that this entails. Others have decided to implement document management solutions to overcome the obstacle.

Without due planning, the company staff must redouble their efforts to work with a tool that they may not know adequately; the consequences are increase failures, errors, and bad experiences, which can negatively influence the acceptance and success of the project.

The implementation of a new document management tool in an organization is a project in which everyone participates. From the board of directors, who makes the executive decision, to the middle managers and technical personnel who deploy the new solution, to the staff who are going to be most affected by the presence of the latest software. Without forgetting, of course, customers' opinion, who most likely use the new platform, to continue consuming our products and services.

Given the circumstances, it is increasingly important to provide the best experience when implementing a new online document management tool. If not, we risk not recovering the investment made, which is done after the deadline, and compromising the trust that users can develop with the new system.

Therefore, at OpenKM, we are committed to offering online training services in document management to facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge and develop new skills by the personnel who work with our document management system. Thus, we make sure that the organization members see the software as help from the beginning and not as an obstacle in their daily work.

OpenKM offers online document management courses adapted to different profiles:

Document Management Administrator Course

It is designed for the personnel in charge of configuring and maintaining the installation. Thanks to this online document management course, administrators will be able to expand and develop the software according to the company's needs.

Document Management Consultant Course

It is designed for the personnel in charge of creating and parameterizing the document management system to satisfy the organization's needs at a strategic, operational, and functional level. For this course, prior knowledge in document management is not necessary. OpenKM has developed this course in collaboration with the Higher School of Archival and Document Management of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Free online introductory user course

OpenKM online training platform offers a free introductory user course in document management based on OpenKM document management software. With it, a user can acquire essential knowledge in document management and document control and the assimilation of new skills that allow them to develop on a personal and professional level. Let’s not forget that the new knowledge acquired contributes to becoming more capable, versatile, and creative professionals.

These courses offer many advantages; The online modality makes the programs 100% flexible, personalized and effective. They allow you to adapt the sessions to your time availability.

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