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Document Management of Web Forms via Mobile with OpenKM

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on 5 July 2024

In the modern information society, efficient document management is crucial for companies aiming to optimize processes and boost productivity. The ability to work from anywhere at any time makes mobile solutions increasingly important. OpenKM is an ideal option for managing web forms via mobile devices.

Customer Need and Solution

A client needed their port workers to log material usage, generating a record-keeping document. The solution had to enable remote task execution without fixed computers. Mobile web forms were chosen due to the workers' environment, where they often work on vessels and lack computer access. This approach facilitates real-time data capture, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in document management. Technologies like Ionic and Vue were used, ensuring compatibility and efficiency across various devices and browsers, which is essential for any document management software.

Compatibility and Functionality

Addressing compatibility across different devices and browsers is crucial. OpenKM ensures consistent and efficient functionality across a wide range of devices. This implementation allows users to complete forms remotely, significantly enhancing document management efficiency from any location using mobile devices.

Data Security

Data security in electronic document management is paramount. The mobile version's security matches that of the desktop version, ensuring that data entered via mobile web forms is protected with the same high standards.

Benefits of OpenKM

OpenKM offers numerous advantages for document management via mobile devices. Centralizing the document repository improves accessibility for all users. Combined with customization and continuous updates, OpenKM adapts to each client's needs. A well-designed mobile application increases productivity, enhances efficiency in invoice management, electronic document signing, and automatic data processing. OpenKM enables document digitization, offering a secure platform for document reception and delivery, crucial for maintaining legal validity and information security.

Managing web forms via mobile with OpenKM is ideal for companies seeking improved efficiency and accessibility. OpenKM's seamless integration with other apps and comprehensive documentation ensure a smooth user experience. Robust security features protect data, and the platform's customization and continuous updates adapt to client needs, ensuring effective and secure document management.

For companies looking to enhance their document management, OpenKM offers a free trial and demo request. Discover how OpenKM can transform document management, facilitating access and security in a mobile and digital work environment. With OpenKM, you access one of the best document management software solutions, ideal for centralizing and optimizing document processes securely and accessibly.

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