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Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on 2 September 2022

As we enter the month of September, a new course begins not just for students but for us as well.

It's time to get back to work after a much-deserved summer break. Time to close the loop for the economic course that has gone well. If not, there is still time for improvement, especially when there is no lack of ideas regarding taking advantage of the digital bonus.

In this post, we will not discuss the economic endowment, and we would like to encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity instead. One cannot always count on this type of support, so the idea here is to have a series of options to choose from to improve your business.

Customer and supplier management

We can hardly think of a company with no supplier, and a network provider must work from home at the most basic level. Of course, a good client portfolio is always the star objective of any company, and it is, therefore, necessary to have the infrastructure to maintain relations, reach a sound conclusion with our interlocutors and, if circumstances allow, improve said commitments. Having a proper infrastructure is something we cannot ignore and must pay attention to if we want to continue operating our businesses.

It is necessary to have digital solutions to manage the list of clients, carry out an adequate follow-up, select potential clients and treat them properly. Most commercial activities require and create documentation, such as databases, invoices (previously on paper, now increasingly electronic), complaints, claims, and consumption logs. These are just a few examples. All information generated throughout customer and supplier relationships must be adequately managed. It is also essential to consider the potential fines that can come from poor security management and the potential that said data holds for the company's future.

Process management

A company's activities and tasks are organized into a value chain, which, when properly managed, can even be improved continuously. It is obvious to many(sometimes not) that process-based management is the most fashionable strategy to implement and develop from taking organizations to the next level.

Today's programs are essential to add value, guarantee regulatory compliance, and correct business management.

A digitizing agent can provide consulting services and advice on the most appropriate process improvement options for your company's current situation.


As the economy digitizes, electronic invoicing is another outcome. The legislative framework is already changing to introduce e-invoices in more environments. We recently wrote an article about electronic invoicing, so if you have difficulties enrolling in this option, do not hesitate to contact a digitizing agent specialized in this service.

Business intelligence and analytics

The name itself sounds impressive, but the concept is intuitive. Imagine that you can collect all the data related to an operation, from information about a customer's incentives to what they seek about a product or service. What happens when someone is interested in a product X or a service Y? When will they make a purchase? How much are they willing to pay? What is the optimal point of satisfaction? What do you have to offer to retain a customer? What kind of customers would choose not to renew? What characteristics does the ideal client have? These are all questions that every business wants the answers to

Data-driven decisions, such as calculating the margin of maneuver to adapt our product and service portfolio to market fluctuations, are all part of strategic decision-making. And the key to all of that in today's day and age is business intelligence.

Business Intelligence defines the set of strategies and means that allow solid decision-making based on company data that can be analyzed. Today, every organization aims to work with IT solutions that accumulate data of different qualities and types. The volume of data to analyze far exceeds the analysis capacity of a person. Business intelligence, on the other hand, provides us with an infinite number of possibilities. The solutions it offers in data visualization and analytics are the key to utilizing data mining to its full advantage.

Virtual office services

Employees, customers, suppliers, public administrations, and interest groups look forward to virtual office services. Apart from having a physical headquarters, it has become increasingly common for organizations to be contactable while carrying out most of their activities remotely. Digitizing agents and professionals have also changed their focus to creating electronic offices for their clients.

The virtual office becomes a reality by implementing a paperless office and digitizing a company. If creating a virtual office in your organization becomes challenging, the SME acceleration program can help. The program subsidizes the services of digitizing agents and professionals who develop electronic offices for their clients.


All the information and data that flow through the network has value, and hackers know it.

It remains true that our presence on the net offers many advantages. More and more potential consumers are becoming digital natives; for them, the first sales channel is the internet. The physical store may be their second option, but they rarely go there.

Our schedules and contact numbers are all stored on our smartphones, which has become the norm. However, everything online comes with a risk. Web forms, receiving and sending emails, online payment, and remote work make us more vulnerable to malicious online attacks. Hiring cybersecurity services with the digital kit is something most businesses do or should at least consider combating the risks inherent to the internet.

Regarding cybersecurity and other services, you can count on Abana's experience as an OpenKM partner in the document management sector.

With our electronic records and document management software, Abana has offered file digitization, process outsourcing, document processing, metadata creation, and document management solutions for over 25 years.

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