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Digital Business: How to Take Advantage of Technology to Work Smart?

Written by Thomas Slavatore on 28 October 2022

Digital businesses are at the top of the business world in a continuously evolving and improving world. At the very least, that is how it ought to be.

 However, we often find companies that utilize only some of the tools at their disposal while operating in the digital world.

Starting and setting up the business is just the beginning; you need to adopt a digital mindset that enables you to grow and keep up with technology simultaneously.

Technology is a business's most important asset to improve efficiency and achieve more significant results with less work.

Technology is and will continue to be helpful. Therefore, it's essential to stay current on the most recent technical developments to stay current and, more importantly, to make use of tools that can be valuable additions to our daily operations.

We have chosen a few examples of tools that can be helpful to all digital organizations for those who want to advance their digital transformation and those who are just getting started and want to learn more about the topic.

Technological tools to improve the way your digital business works

CRM not to neglect customers

One of the most valuable technologies Spanish businesses use is CRM or customer relationship management.

Although CRM has been around for a while and is not exactly an emerging technology, the adoption of CRM software and best practices in businesses has been slow as acceptance hasn’t been quick.

CRMs have evolved into a crucial component of business operations with the rise of digitization,

What exactly is CRM?

In layman’s terms, CRM is responsible for storing all relevant information gained from every customer interaction. Examples of this information can range from basic personal information such as age, gender, and race or more complex, such as the number of purchases they have made from you and the average order value.

CRMs should be seen as more than simple schedules or spreadsheets with data. They are tools that can process and analyze this data to help us, for example, with our business's marketing strategies.

In addition, they can help us to improve the customer experience when contacting us. CRM enables us to access all relevant information instantly and comes in handy for responding to customer issues or questions. 

Given the number of different CRMs available on the market, there is likely one that suits your needs regardless of your business type.

Digital businesses managed by established companies or freelancers operate significantly differently. For freelancers, having a CRM is not only advised but practically required as it involves the ability to manage their clients better on top of their standard functions.

A CRM is one of those technologies that will significantly alter how your organization operates for the better in a short time.


We have to be clear about something that we have been saying continuously since the beginning: anything technological that may benefit your company is valuable and worth taking into account. 

Organizations and employees must keep up with technological developments as the workplace becomes more digital and adjust their practices accordingly to remain competitive in the market.

More so than ever, customers are looking for satisfying and engaging digital experiences. Businesses need intelligent automation systems; fortunately, the digital technology companies responsible for developing the tools are aware of this.

That is why, with a simple Google search, we can uncover an infinite number of beneficial tools that may adapt to our needs and provide us with a competitive advantage that may be critical to the success of our digital business.

The power of knowledge.

How successful and efficient your business will become revolves around your ability to research the company, the industry, the available software, new technologies, etc.

The power of knowledge allows you to run your business effectively, select the best course of action and identify areas that can be further optimized.

Say goodbye to analog and go digital!

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