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Connect and Collaborate: OpenKM, Your Internal Customer Portal

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on 26 February 2024

In today's dynamic business environment, efficient document management has become a fundamental pillar for the success and competitiveness of organizations. The ability to quickly and easily access relevant information, as well as securely and collaboratively manage and share documents, is crucial for streamlining business operations, streamlining internal processes, and ensuring regulatory compliance. In this context, OpenKM emerges as the ideal solution. With its highly customizable approach and robust suite of tools, OpenKM enables businesses to create a centralized digital environment where employees can efficiently store, search, access, and share documents. From delivery note management to human resources documentation and occupational risk prevention, OpenKM offers a versatile and scalable platform that adapts to the specific needs of each organization, helping to improve productivity, collaboration, and information security.

That's why today we're going to talk about OpenKM's ability to become an internal customer portal. The aim is to create a two-way platform for the exchange of documents. It's as simple as that; simplifying and streamlining business operations while protecting information security. To illustrate this, we will describe several success stories of OpenKM in various sectors.

Use Case: Packing Slip Management

It is a nationwide company, with 24 branches distributed throughout the country. To improve the management of delivery notes - which until now, were physically accumulated in each office, until they were sent by post, to the main headquarters - it was decided to install OpenKM, so that, every time an employee received a delivery note from a supplier, the supplier digitizes the delivery note-taking a photo of the document, and uploads it to OpenKM. The document management software automatically recognizes the type of document, extracts key information, as well as adding data about the employee who carried out the operation, among others. The person or department responsible will receive notifications about each update, if necessary, and the system will create a storage path for that update, based on the criteria selected by the company. You can file a packing slip by vendor name, turn, by date, and add categories by payment method, employee, etc. In this case, OpenKM was also integrated with the company's ERP, so the document manager sent the delivery note report in CSV format to update the company's stock record

Use Case: HR Documentation

A company with 100 employees sent all payslips by email. At the same time, they used the same system to record sick leave, holiday requests, receive CVs, report operational and policy changes, etc. It was decided to implement OpenKM in such a way that each employee has their own space in the document management system, where they receive notifications every time new documentation arrives, such as payroll. Through templates, employees can request days off, record documentation of medical leave. And the company also takes the opportunity to communicate with guarantees, operational changes, security protocol or policy updates that may occur. In addition, OpenKM incorporates a calendar of documentation that is about to expire, such as the employees' ID. They receive a notification when the date of the document requires it to be updated.

Use Case: Occupational Risk Prevention

An occupational risk prevention company is in charge of carrying out the medical examinations of its clients' employees. To ensure document control, information security and data confidentiality, the company chose OpenKM for its robustness and robustness in terms of document security. The medical staff has access to each patient's file, so that they update the tests necessary for each medical examination. The client company receives a report with the list of employees who have been declared eligible, while the employees receive a report on the medical tests carried out that is provided, for greater ease, to the interested parties, through a download token, to their whatsapp.

Use Case: Franchisee Platform

A franchise requires an internal customer portal to keep communication with its franchisees up to date. Thanks to OpenKM, the franchise keeps the record of all the commercial material up to date, which the franchisees have to print and place in the establishments. At the same time, franchisees take advantage of OpenKM's functionalities to give their opinion, resolve doubts, or obtain information on any topic related to the business.

So far, we have only seen 4 possible scenarios out of the many in which OpenKM can play an important role in improving your company. Ask us for a demo, and we'll advise you on how best to implement OpenKM as an internal customer portal in your organization.

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