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8 Advantages Of Outsourced IT Support

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on 10 December 2021

In almost any sector of the global economy in which we live, we have software solutions to administer and manage many operations and daily tasks. This makes us trust our data and processes in third parties, be it the provider of VOIP phones, mobile devices, document management systems, network administrators, to name just a few. The increasingly complex and sophisticated environment in which we work and live is immersed, but we do it for a good reason. The benefits of outsourcing are multiple and cross-cutting.

  • Better business performance: a company is born and maintained because it offers a better product or service than others. Focusing on the fundamental aspects of the business contributes to preserving the company's vision, ensures the viability of the strategy designed by the business owners, and directly influences its growth. This would not be easy if the internal staff had to take charge of the maintenance and development of all the elements that interact with the company, especially in this period of intense digital transformation.

  • Better compliance management: another of the benefits of IT outsourcing is having a modern software suite, which provides us with significant competitive advantages. From a solid and updated cybersecurity policy, prepared to protect the company from threats such as security breaches - motivated by the dark web, data loss, etc. - to the optimization of business growth, thanks to risk reduction. Consulting services can provide very positive results, without unnecessarily compromising internal company resources.

  • Better business processes: There comes a time when internal IT teams can't take on more responsibilities. At that point, our business doesn't have to collapse at the operational level. For the development of new business functions or the optimization of older ones, it is always advisable to enlist the services of outsourced IT providers. Companies such as Haber Group offer a fresh and innovative vision on the latest trends in information technology, subjecting them to the needs and requirements of people. With Haber Group, software solutions are adapted to the company, not the other way around.

  • Security management: to guarantee the continuity of the service, a reliable supply chain is required. This means that IT service management providers have protocols and policies for data backup and disaster recovery in the event of serious incidents. One of the benefits of outsourcing companies is that they have qualified personnel prepared to act in this situation. The entity's human resources can focus on the main business while the organization's technological partners are in charge of executing the disaster recovery plan in the shortest possible time, with particular attention to sensitive information.

  • Device management: More and more companies offer their employees the possibility of working outside the office. It means providing your staff with many devices; laptops, mobile phones, migrating the VOIP phone line, hiring a VPN, new software solutions for time control, online document management, etc. Creating a new work ecosystem parallel to the traditional one is necessary and even recommended to guarantee the continuity of the service and whether the uncertainty affects us all. But to properly distribute responsibilities and operating costs, having a service management provider is essential to address the needs that teleworking poses. Thus, small and medium-sized companies can join in working remotely, providing a team dedicated to covering business continuity in this modality and benefiting from all the advantages of digital transformation.

  • Better cost management: Starting new projects and addressing all needs by exclusively using internal resources can become financially and economically overwhelming. For this reason, choosing to outsource is a good option that makes it easier for the company to achieve its objectives by balancing investments in time and material, and human resources. The advantages of outsourcing allow many projects to flourish that would not otherwise come out of the drawer or meeting room.

  • Knowledge: To provide quality consulting services it is necessary to work intensively in an area and stay in it while training and updating staff. IT service management providers have trained human resources to deal with the new needs and threats that technology solutions can pose. Otherwise, trying to teach and recycle internal IT teams while taking technical responsibility for the core of the business may not be feasible. On the other hand, experience is a degree; Having expert staff working for different clients in different fields provides an exciting competitive advantage.

  • Greater flexibility: Another advantage of outsourcing is scalability. We can adapt both the staff and the budget that we dedicate to information technology, thus improving the response capacity of the company. Hiring cloud computing can be a perfect solution; it allows the use and enjoyment of software solutions in which licenses are contracted for service. In this way, the client protects their main interests with more excellent solvency and security while reducing risks.

At OpenKM we offer consulting services to offer our ready-to-use, parameterized document management system, in Cloud and server mode. If you want to see the potential of the document management software, do not hesitate to request a personalized online demo.

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