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The paperless office

Paco Ávila

Written by Paco Ávila on 25 September 2014

It has been much talk about the paperless office and how we can resolve much of the conflict created when we manage company documentation. Among other things, it helps us to better organize our archive mainly because we save both space and personnel.

However, it has not yet been implemented in full for reasons explained below:

  • Investment in technology can be costly. If a thorough survey of the tools used for scanning documents (such as scanners, software, etc.) can be very expensive for the company is not carrying.

  • Dependence of physical format. A paperless office has the disadvantage of having to use electronic formats at all times to access the information.

  • Stable and reliable backup.

  • High capacity and accessibility. For a paperless office to be effective there must be a large storage capacity, in addition to having an intuitive interface that allows us to seamlessly access our document management system.

Towards the hybrid model: the physical file and document management software

For the transfer to the paperless office is effective and there are no disadvantages we mentioned above, we recommend an adjustment period by a hybrid model in which both our document management software and the physical file work together.

The benefits that will provide the long and make more effective the process are multiple:

Increased productivity in workers.
Reduction of lost documents.
Save time and costs

As can be seen, the paperless office offers a number of advantages in terms of access to information stored than conventional office cannot.

OpenKM allows to manage our documentation securely and easily. Furthermore, through its electronic invoice module extracts invoices “xml” format for then store them in the system, also allows other functions like validate the invoice via digital signature, download in PDF format or send notifications.

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