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Optimizing Document Management in Distribution Companies with Handwritten Remote Signature

Gaspar Palmer

Written by Gaspar Palmer on 29 April 2024

In the hospitality industry, efficient documentation management is essential to ensure smooth processes. Often, these companies find themselves dealing with paper documents, such as delivery notes, which collect the signatures of the services performed and then serve in the preparation of invoices. However, this traditional approach can be quickly improved through the use of electronic document formats and the collection of evidence in the same format, such as the digital handwritten signature.

Regular Operations

Let's imagine the typical scenario: a supply service is performed, for example, kegs of beer. Once the delivery is complete, the recipient is asked to sign the corresponding delivery note as evidence of the transaction made. This document will be used to generate the corresponding invoice and even as proof of service provision. Instead of using paper documents, the supplier has the delivery notes in digital format, accessible via mobile devices. Before signing, the receiver can view the document to verify its accuracy. Once reviewed, you proceed to sign, and you can even add additional verification data, such as your ID card. Subsequently, if desired, the platform can send the signed document to the signatory by email for their own registration.

Advantages of Handwritten Remote Signature

This process provides numerous advantages, but we especially highlight the real-time management of the documentation associated with these interactions. The signed information is immediately accessible, allowing agile and efficient management. In addition, it facilitates the inspection of delivery services, since the central office can monitor in real time how deliveries are developing and correct route deviations if necessary.

Business Case

To illustrate these advantages, let's consider the case of a reseller implementing OpenKM remote handwritten signature. This solution allows the company to digitize its documentation and collect signatures remotely, significantly streamlining processes. By using qualified certificates and digital signatures, it guarantees the full legal validity of the signed documents, offering security and peace of mind, both for the company and its customers.

In conclusion, the implementation of remote handwritten signatures in the document management of distribution companies offers an efficient and secure solution to streamline processes and improve the customer experience. By leveraging advanced document management solutions like OpenKM, these companies can benefit from real-time document management, legal security of digital signatures, and overall operational efficiency.

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