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New trends in document management

Written by Paco Ávila on 10 September 2015

Companies use fewer paper documents to make way for what we would call “digital document management.” In fact, there are already organizations in which everything is done so computerized, giving the paper a secondary (or tertiary) stage.

Hence, new trends are emerging regarding document management. Some were already known by the documentary software environment, others however, can create trend this season.

Here are some developments regarding document management are explained, and how to influence corporate governance of organizations:

  1. Document management in the cloud. It is clearly one of the fundamental pillars in document management. Companies no longer require costly software installations. By Cloud you can access all our documents quickly and very easily.

  2. Join Social Networks is fundamental. One of the trends (not only in document management) companies are beginning to use regularly, it is managing social networks for customer acquisition.

  3. DMS adaptation to smartphones. While this is not new, yes it is for smartphones (or smartphones) are constantly evolving. That is why a continuous updating of document managers for use in smart phones is necessary.

  4. Creating a customer portal. Customers have increasing autonomy in managing their own documents within the organization, it is a point of confidence that the company is beginning to bestow.

  5. Workflow. With this feature, document management becomes faster and more efficiently. Since project managers can streamline operations by integrating its programming, workflow, document management and communication within the same space.

  6. If a document management system is not adapted to customer needs, it is likely to take the decision to dispense with the software. A DMS should always be scalable, hence many records managers are already making use of this feature.

  7. Services are becoming more affordable. This is setting trends by simply adapting the software to the pocket of different organizations (whether SMEs or large companies).

These seven trends give us an idea of ​​what the future holds for document management software. Companies are turning obsolete in favor of integrated solutions and easy to use applications. The social technology, cloud computing and mobile devices have permanently impacted, making life easier for business professionals in virtually every industry.

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