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New features annotations on documents and download tokens

  Written by Paco Ávila on 5 June 2015

OpenKM added some news related to document management and onward shipment to other users.

Therefore, in this post two functions are explained: annotations on documents and download tokens without authentication

Annotation on documents from the preview

To add annotations and comments on file, we just go to the tab preview of the document.

Then will access the tab on the bottom called “Comment” and we note an emerging where we can annotate or comment.

We can add annotations using three options:

  • Making a point anywhere in the document.
  • Selecting an area belonging to the document.
  • Selecting a particular text document.

One option that also allows us to make this functionality is to create lines in free text. This can be very useful if you want to highlight something in the text of the document.

At any time, annotations can be modified or removed by the user, it is an advantage if you find any errors in the added comments.

To see this in more depth we will explain in this video tutorial

Download tokens without authentication

Tokens or download links are used for sending documents between users, allowing a quick and easy way to receive relevant files.

Normally, these links require authentication by the user to access them. However, OpenKM allows to access tokens without entering username and password.

In this video tutorial we explain how in a very simple way

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