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Document Management for SMEs


Written by Paco Ávila on 20 June 2014

The big companies require a good document management software due to the great amount of documents handled. But forget that small and medium enterprises also generate documentation. In fact, there are entities that are forced (increasingly) to manage with the Administration using electronic means which leads to a boost of document management in SMEs.

What can provide a document management software for an SME?

A company (no matter the size) requires documentary services for several reasons, but the most obvious are time and cost savings in managing your files.

Here we will see the benefits that a DMS can offer our SME:

  • Lowering in file management. If we scan the documents of the entity, we will see that the cost in terms of maintenance and management of the physical file is greatly reduced.

  • Customer Service. With the implementation of a document management system, processes are automated and give management more quickly and thus a considerable improvement in relations with customers.

  • High degree of efficiency and skill. Due to the computerization of services, staff of SME increases efficiency because the processes are more agile and have not be doing heavy tasks.

  • Performance. One of the most significant advantages is not having to access the documentation by heavy document management procedures that all they offer is to slow access to information and therefore unnecessary loss of time.

  • Socialization. A good document management software should offer resources that allow company employees communicate and send documents using the same platform without having to resort to other systems for it.

OpenKM with SMEs

As you can see, the benefits of implementing a document management software in SME are more than considerables.

When selecting the best system for our company must take into account all the previous points to consider if it really fits our needs.

OpenKM is a document management tool that is fully adapted to the requirements of small, medium and large businesses. No matter the amount of documentation that the company manages, through its intuitive and simple interface any entity can make use of it.

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